As the unofficial Queen of Columbia, international supermodel Marisol Franzi Vallega has it all. A powerful husband, an elegant mansion, and a staff to see to her every whim are among her favorite things, but she wants more. She wants revenge.

Manuel Vallega has inherited power over one of the largest drug cartels in recent history. Never one to put himself on the front lines he uses others in the organization to conduct business so that he can keep his hands clean and his image untarnished. Money, guns, and women are easy acquisitions, but he desires to be the best in the dirtiest business of all—politics.

The rabid public craves a super couple to follow in the tabloids and Manny and Marisol are happy to comply. Traveling the world, they attend grand events to create a sparkling illusion of themselves that delights the paparazzi and sells magazines. Having gained the adoration of the public, they ready themselves for the position they desire most—the Presidency of Colombia. But there are hidden motives and dead bodies scattered amongst the stardust. Do they have enough power between them to keep their sins hidden in the shadows? 

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