This isn’t the life that Carter Sinclair had envisioned for himself. He’s too young to be a widower, and too old a soul to start over in the love department. The only thing left for him is work. As the CEO of MarSin Falcon Security he sets out to fix what’s broken in the system. What he can’t fix is his personal life.

A foster child from a young age, Aimee Vincent is the fashion industry’s newest darling. Catapulted into the spotlight, her image fills television screens and graces the covers of magazines. Money is no longer a problem, but there isn’t enough cash in the world to buy what she truly craves—the security that only comes from being part of a family.

As a friend of Carter’s brother, Aimee plans an impromptu visit when she arrives in town. There’s a pain in Carter’s eyes that Aimee recognizes. The kind of pain that haunts the lost souls. She feels a magnetic pull, but does he? Determined to find out, Aimee seizes the moment, but sometimes living in the present poses its own danger.

Other books in the series

Praise for No Perfect Man

WOW!! I love this book! I have read all the books to this series and each book keeps getting better. I am a huge DD Lorenzo fan. Her writing is brilliant and edgy. I always walk away from books with so much raw emotion. This book is amazing! Each book gets more edgier, darker, and done right incredible. I have loved the characters from the beginning.

Chantel McKinley

Amazon Review

DD Lorenzo is one of the most talented authors I’ve ever had the privilege to read. Her vibrant descriptions of not only what her characters see but also feel are beyond brilliant. I highly recommend the Depths of Emotion series! …

Samantha A. Cole

USA Today Bestselling Author

I highly recommend this book especially if you believe in second chances, finding true love, and love conquers all. If you have not read any books by D.D. Lorenzo then I suggest that you check out her other books because you will love all her books. She puts a lot heart, love, and herself into her books. She will have wanting more by hooking you from the amazing way she writes her books.

Book Happiness

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