In Aria Cole, Declan Sinclair has found his perfect woman. Her beauty isn’t at all what the fashion industry dictates. It radiates from her heart to her beautiful blue eyes and luscious curves. He would sacrifice anything for her, except his pride.

Love isn’t blind to Aria, in fact, her vision is perfectly clear. Looking past Declan’s drop-dead gorgeous exterior, she sees the genuine man inside. The man whose life she would happily share if only he would stop tripping over his arrogance. 

But Declan and Aria aren’t the only two complicating their relationship.

International supermodel Marisol Franzi believes that Declan is more to her than just a business counterpart. She has no intention of losing him to a “plain Jane,” even if she destroys them all in the process. 

Other books in the series

Praise for No Perfect Man

With the continuation of Declan and Aria’s story, the suspense picks up where it left off in Positive/Negativity. I highly recommend you read that one first. I absolutely love the way this author uses such descriptive words to paint intensely emotional and vivid pictures! Great story line and lovable characters; as well as one particularly nasty villan!


Amazon Review

I can not wait to read the next one in this series!!! DD Lorenzo knocked this one out of the park!!


Amazon Review

If you love a fast paced ride, with heat of the pages and characters that you’ll love and hate, this series is an absolute must read. Do it now. I cannot wait for book 3, I’m finding myself thinking that, that ending is not the end….

Deb Hanson

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