The PERFECT Combination: The IMPERFECTION Duet

When you’re searching for The PERFECT Read, The PERFECT Combination is the answer.

Author D.D. Lorenzo combines the ONLY cliffhanger in The IMPERFECTION Series with its conclusion. You won’t be left hanging when you read No PERFECT Man and No PERFECT Time.

A love story doesn’t always begin with love at first sight, but the Men’s Fashion model, Declan Sinclair, may have just become a believer. From the comfort of a beachfront porch, he watches a woman as she strolls along the shoreline. Lost in thought, she doesn’t notice him as he sips his coffee. She doesn’t meet the requirements that the Fashion Industry dictates of women. She’s different, and “different” is its own type of beauty. 

Aria Cole wants to crawl inside herself, pull a blanket over her head, and make the hurt go away. The man she loved more than anything in the world—her father—has died. However, hiding from the world won’t solve anything, and her dad would be disappointed to see her do so. Summer vacations at The Skipjack will feel hollow without him, but spending a little bit of quiet time with her memories may minister to her broken heart. The best medicine for her is to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and soak in the healing balm of ocean waters. 

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