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Try a Little Tenderness <3

I’ve been a little scared lately. I’m sure you have been too. Every electronic device I have pops up a notification on the effects of COVID19. The information dump that we are subjected to can make even the strongest person a little anxious, and rightfully so. We should be cautious. We should be vigilant. We should prepare to hunker down with our loved ones and protect ourselves as best we can. The sad fact is that not everyone will, but everyone should.

If it’s possible for there to be an upside to all of this, I think it can be summed up in one word.


After these past two weeks, I have a different appreciation for the simple things. Things that I took for granted. Think of things like jumping in your car and going anywhere. Family visits. The grocery store. Birthday parties. Firepit chats with friends. Church. Hospital visits to loved ones. Funerals.

The last few weeks have forced us to stay in our little bubbles. Within our own four walls, we have begun to appreciate simple things. Family meals. Game night. A family movie night. Popping your own popcorn. Reading books.

As much as I love being an author, I also love being a reader. Within the pages of a good book, I’ve traveled the world. I’ve met some of the most exciting people by walking their streets and living in their homes. I’ve watched through a looking glass as tragedies become triumphs, and pain becomes gain. The people you meet on inked pages are so interesting. I can’t tell you how many times through my life I have read a book and thought, “I’d like to be brave like her,” or “I will never be mean like him.”

Books are invaluable. Books are affordable, especially in e-content form. They are a resource for you to pamper yourself. Whether sitting at home with a cup of coffee or tea or sitting on your porch with a drink, adding a book to any situation is a way for you to be tender with yourself. So today, read a book. It doesn’t matter if you pick up a four hundred page novel or a ten-page children’s book, turn off the news of the world if only for a little while and escape.

Try a little tenderness for you and those you love.

Safe safe. Stay well. <3


Let’s get real …

How are you today? For real. Has anyone ever asked you how you’re doing, and you don’t tell them the truth? You might be going through something and, for whatever reason, when you are asked the question you answer generically. I do it all the time. My usual go-to answers are “fine” or “okay.” Of course, privacy is critical. You don’t want to go around telling everyone your private business, do you? I get it.

For real.

If you are one of my readers, or if you are new to my stories, my goal is the same; to have my words touch you in some way. It could be to entertain you, give you an escape from everyday life, or break your heart and put it back together again. I see you through the screen of the interwebs. Some of you have met me at a signing or book event. Nonetheless, no matter how we have connected, I’m happy to know that my writing has evoked some emotion from you. Maybe one thing about my characters resonates with something real in your life. If so, reach out. Leave me a message. PM me on FB. Come up to me at a signing and tell me how my words affected you. I love to hear from you. I really care about you—my readers—because you are a treasure to me.

For real.

Sink or Swim …

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you feel stuck? Where you feel that you’re sinking and not swimming? It’s a scary feeling, isn’t it? You’re not alone.

Yep. I feel it, too.

When I wrote the Imperfection series life had taken a crazy turn. I never thought I would finish it.

But I did.

Funny thing, to learn to swim you have to push forward. Some days it feels as if you’re moving through a wall of water at lightning speed. Every muscle screams to “go, go, go,” and you “try, try, try.”  Efforts are futile because there is resistance. There is no possible way that you can go any faster. Guess what? I have news for you. You will get through it.

Did you get that?

You. Will. Get. Through.

The thing about going from sinking to swimming is that it takes effort. Patience. Literally and figuratively, learning to swim is something that isn’t easy. In every area of life, it can be a slow lesson to learn. The only way to get better at it is to do what you can for that day. It might not seem like you’re making progress. Let time pass. The result might not immediately be evident, but you are getting results. Trust me, even if the move forward is going at a snail’s pace, it will happen. Don’t give up. Results worth having take time and during the process, you may just find that you become stronger and learn to do something better than you thought possible. Just hang in there. No matter what you’re striving for, it will happen. Promise.





The Birth of a Book

Releasing a book is a lot like giving birth. You put your best thoughts into nouns, verbs, and adjectives, much like you put the best nutrition in your body, all the while hoping that the end result will be a robust, healthy, and well-loved story (or baby). I haven’t released a novel since my husband died. To tell the truth, I’m a little nervous. You see, I’ve never released a novel without him. This time I’m a single mom.

“No PERFECT Bitch” is book five in my IMPERFECTION series. The other books have been well received. I have no reason to believe that its release on May 1 will be anything less than my other releases. This time the baby is long overdue. You all have waited for the conclusion of the story and I appreciate your patience. Again, my stomach is fluttering with apprehensive energy. I’m a different person than I was three years ago when Mike was alive. I find that I’m more intense and serious with most matters. What I have rediscovered while writing this book is that delivering stories that readers love makes me happy. Very, very happy. This book is (finally!) about Marisol. Thank you for waiting while she, at long last, has her say.



Coming May 1, 2019

The Beginning …

I have just finished writing the fifth book in The IMPERFECTION Series.


I feel pretty good about that. I finished something that I started. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve always heard that nothing worthwhile comes easy. I don’t know about you but that sentiment rings true in other areas of my life as well. Losing weight isn’t easy. Neither is getting fit, always eating healthy, or any other change that has major consequence and impact.

As I write this first blog post I am in a reflective mood. You see, when I started my publishing journey I had a husband, a home, a pretty active social life, etc. I was happy. I set my alarm for three o’clock every morning to write. It was quiet in the house at that time. Coffee kept me company as I plotted and planned what would happen to progress the stories from my imagination to print. I had just published book four in January 2016. I released the story on my husband’s birthday. Four days later he was in the hospital. Four days after that we learned he had terminal brain cancer.

I pulled all of the books off of the market. Indie publishing is made up of gritty, determined individuals who actively market their books every day. The only grit I possessed was now focused in a new direction; my husband’s treatment, health, and quality of life. He died eight and a half months later.

Flash forward to May 1, 2019. “No PERFECT Bitch” is scheduled to release. I did it. I kept a promise to my readers and to my husband. It was hard, I’m not going to lie. Where I had gotten into a rhythm of penning three to five thousand words a day, I struggled to write one hundred. Our life circumstances at home changed relatively quickly when we found that an unscrupulous company denied my husband’s life insurance claim. Anxiety crept in and brought fear, depression, and a few other bedfellows with it. I didn’t welcome their presence. I had to make changes to do what any responsible landlord would do when faced with undesirable tenants; I took steps to evict them.

I’m happy to say that today is a good day. I don’t expect all of them to be good, but then I don’t expect all of them to be bad either. I have found that staying in the present is the best medicine for me. There are so many ingredients added to my daily medicine that I have begun to get healthy again in other areas of my life. Those supplements vary from day to day but are as vital as any prescribed medication. The smiles and laughs of my family. The genuineness of my friends. Finding love again.

And coffee. Let’s not forget coffee. 🙂

No Perfect Bitch

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Coming May 1, 2019

As the unofficial Queen of Columbia, international supermodel Marisol Franzi Vallega has it all. A powerful husband, an elegant mansion, and a staff to see to her every whim are among her favorite things, but she wants more. She wants revenge.

Manuel Vallega has inherited power over one of the largest drug cartels in recent history. Never one to put himself on the front lines he uses others in the organization to conduct business so that he can keep his hands clean and his image untarnished. Money, guns, and women are easy acquisitions, but he desires to be the best in the dirtiest business of all—politics.

The rabid public craves a super couple to follow in the tabloids and Manny and Marisol are happy to comply. Traveling the world, they attend grand events to create a sparkling illusion of themselves that delights the paparazzi and sells magazines. Having gained the adoration of the public, they ready themselves for the position they desire most—the Presidency of Colombia. But there are hidden motives and dead bodies scattered amongst the stardust. Do they have enough power between them to keep their sins hidden in the shadows?


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The PERFECT Combination

Coming March 4, 2019 – The IMPERFECTION Duet

When you’re searching for The PERFECT Read, The PERFECT Combination is the answer.

Author D.D. Lorenzo combines the ONLY cliffhanger in The IMPERFECTION Series with its conclusion. You won’t be left hanging when you read No PERFECT Man and No PERFECT Time.

A love story doesn’t always begin with love at first sight, but the Men’s Fashion model, Declan Sinclair, may have just become a believer. From the comfort of a beachfront porch, he watches a woman as she strolls along the shoreline. Lost in thought, she doesn’t notice him as he sips his coffee. She doesn’t meet the requirements that the Fashion Industry dictates of women. She’s different, and “different” is its own type of beauty.

Aria Cole wants to crawl inside herself, pull a blanket over her head, and make the hurt go away. The man she loved more than anything in the world—her father—has died. However, hiding from the world won’t solve anything, and her dad would be disappointed to see her do so. Summer vacations at The Skipjack will feel hollow without him, but spending a little bit of quiet time with her memories may minister to her broken heart. The best medicine for her is to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and soak in the healing balm of ocean waters.


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No PERFECT Man is now available on Amazon. Other retailers coming soon.

According to the press, Declan Sinclair has it all – and he’s had enough. After a decade in the fast-paced, image-driven, modeling scene he needs a change of pace. Escaping to his seaside home gives him a place to sort his thoughts and gain some clarity.

Aria Cole has built a successful renovation business. With the help of her father, she has learned that the only thing limiting a woman is her belief in herself. But what happens when the person she leans on the most is no longer there?

As Aria struggles over the death of her father, she revisits the place of cherished memories. Daily walks beside the ocean offer the solace she so desperately seeks. When a freak thunderstorm causes her to cross paths with a handsome stranger, lightning isn’t the only electricity in the air.


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