I have just finished writing the fifth book in The IMPERFECTION Series.


I feel pretty good about that. I finished something that I started. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve always heard that nothing worthwhile comes easy. I don’t know about you but that sentiment rings true in other areas of my life as well. Losing weight isn’t easy. Neither is getting fit, always eating healthy, or any other change that has major consequence and impact.

As I write this first blog post I am in a reflective mood. You see, when I started my publishing journey I had a husband, a home, a pretty active social life, etc. I was happy. I set my alarm for three o’clock every morning to write. It was quiet in the house at that time. Coffee kept me company as I plotted and planned what would happen to progress the stories from my imagination to print. I had just published book four in January 2016. I released the story on my husband’s birthday. Four days later he was in the hospital. Four days after that we learned he had terminal brain cancer.

I pulled all of the books off of the market. Indie publishing is made up of gritty, determined individuals who actively market their books every day. The only grit I possessed was now focused in a new direction; my husband’s treatment, health, and quality of life. He died eight and a half months later.

Flash forward to May 1, 2019. “No PERFECT Bitch” is scheduled to release. I did it. I kept a promise to my readers and to my husband. It was hard, I’m not going to lie. Where I had gotten into a rhythm of penning three to five thousand words a day, I struggled to write one hundred. Our life circumstances at home changed relatively quickly when we found that an unscrupulous company denied my husband’s life insurance claim. Anxiety crept in and brought fear, depression, and a few other bedfellows with it. I didn’t welcome their presence. I had to make changes to do what any responsible landlord would do when faced with undesirable tenants; I took steps to evict them.

I’m happy to say that today is a good day. I don’t expect all of them to be good, but then I don’t expect all of them to be bad either. I have found that staying in the present is the best medicine for me. There are so many ingredients added to my daily medicine that I have begun to get healthy again in other areas of my life. Those supplements vary from day to day but are as vital as any prescribed medication. The smiles and laughs of my family. The genuineness of my friends. Finding love again.

And coffee. Let’s not forget coffee. 🙂

No Perfect Bitch