I’ve been a little scared lately. I’m sure you have been too. Every electronic device I have pops up a notification on the effects of COVID19. The information dump that we are subjected to can make even the strongest person a little anxious, and rightfully so. We should be cautious. We should be vigilant. We should prepare to hunker down with our loved ones and protect ourselves as best we can. The sad fact is that not everyone will, but everyone should.

If it’s possible for there to be an upside to all of this, I think it can be summed up in one word.


After these past two weeks, I have a different appreciation for the simple things. Things that I took for granted. Think of things like jumping in your car and going anywhere. Family visits. The grocery store. Birthday parties. Firepit chats with friends. Church. Hospital visits to loved ones. Funerals.

The last few weeks have forced us to stay in our little bubbles. Within our own four walls, we have begun to appreciate simple things. Family meals. Game night. A family movie night. Popping your own popcorn. Reading books.

As much as I love being an author, I also love being a reader. Within the pages of a good book, I’ve traveled the world. I’ve met some of the most exciting people by walking their streets and living in their homes. I’ve watched through a looking glass as tragedies become triumphs, and pain becomes gain. The people you meet on inked pages are so interesting. I can’t tell you how many times through my life I have read a book and thought, “I’d like to be brave like her,” or “I will never be mean like him.”

Books are invaluable. Books are affordable, especially in e-content form. They are a resource for you to pamper yourself. Whether sitting at home with a cup of coffee or tea or sitting on your porch with a drink, adding a book to any situation is a way for you to be tender with yourself. So today, read a book. It doesn’t matter if you pick up a four hundred page novel or a ten-page children’s book, turn off the news of the world if only for a little while and escape.

Try a little tenderness for you and those you love.

Safe safe. Stay well. <3